Circus Imagination Joins the Fair

Circus Imagination TightropeA circus will be raising their tent in Kids World this year. But this traveling circus is not bringing clowns or performing animals or trick rope walkers. They are counting on you to provide that.

Circus Imagination, formerly the Traveling Backyard Circus, first appeared on the West Coast in the summer of 1986, touring extensively from Arizona to Washington, Utah to Hawaii. The next generation now travels under the name, Circus Imagination.

The concept of expanding the imagination of children through a learning and playing experience is invaluable in the formative years while children are learning creative play.

Circus Imagination involves 20 to 25 children per show who actively dress up and join the circus. They maintain that the children who join Circus Imagination are the stars, not just props.

Circus Imagination does not end when the show is over. Parents are delighted to find that their children bring home the inspiration to put on their own circus in their own backyard. Old-fashioned fun rekindles educational play in the minds of children.

Circus Imagination requires no skill or talent and the experience leaves children with a strong sense of imagination, resourcefulness and creativity. Up to 25 children may participate.


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