The 60’s Summer of Love

60's Summer of Love - new as of 2-1-13.pdfThe music of the 60’s holds a special memory for those who grew up with it. It was music you could sing along with, music you could dance to, music you fell in love to.

From the amazing vocals of the early California Beach Boys, the British invasion that began with the Beatles, the hippies of San Francisco Haight-Ashbury, and the Motown sound that rocked Detroit. The 60’s Summer of Love is the one group that brings all this memorable music from the 60’s together for you in one show including a full wardrobe of costumes of the time!

So take a seat, close your eyes, and take yourself back to the Summer of Love. Whether you experienced it yourself, or you were just a sparkle in your parents’ or grandparents’ eyes, you’ll hear the songs that have stood the test of time and are the basis for the popular sounds of today.


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