Most About Glass Insulators

Celebrating 100 Years of the Colusa County LibraryWhat Book Inspired you?

What Book Inspired you?

Bill Rohde pictured holding his prized Glass Insulator, and the book that started sparked his interst in the collection of Glass Insulators.

Milholland’s 2nd Edition, Most About Glass Insulators was the book that inspired a unique collection that Bill Rohde says “borderline hoarding.”

An appraiser and loan officer for Farm Credit Services of Colusa-Glenn, and a storm chaser hobbyist, Rohde is a passionate collector and enthusiast of glass insulators.

“I can remember the Fresno County Library Book Mobil coming to our area,” said Rohde, “as kids ordered your average kids books, I was looking for information about glass insulators.”

First produced in the 1850’s Glass Insulators were originally designed to keep wires linking telegraphs and telephones insulated from the wooden poles; as the expansion of electricity, there was a major manufacturing of insulators in the 1920’s through the 1940’s.

When Rohde first received the book ‘Most About Glass Insulators’, he recalled laying on his bed, listening to Led Zeplin while reading the book cover-to-cover.

“I can remember being amazed at all the different styles, colors, and shapes of the glass insulators,” said Rohde, “They fascinated me.”

Rohde checked out the book so many times that he was eventually allowed to buy the book.

And in the book ‘Most About Glass Inuslators’, Rohde found his favorite insulator.

I used to study it a lot – I would then begin drawing it,” said Rohde, “I even put it on my first business card. I absolutely loved it.”

Rohde later found his favorite glass insulator at a collectors convention.

Today, Rohde has a collection of over 50,000 Glass Insulators and serves as the treasurer of both the National Insulator Association and the Golden State Insulator Club.

“This has been a lifelong hobby for me,” said Rohde, “something that keeps me very busy – and to think it all started with a book.” <

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