Having a problem with your well? Report it to the Colusa County Department of Agriculture

The Colusa County Groundwater Commission announced that It is seeking the help of landowners to report any well issues they are having this year.

“We hear unofficial reports of well outages every week,” said said Mary Fahey, Water Resources Coordinator for the Colusa County Department of Agriculture, “It’s really important that folks report these incidences.”

Fahey commented that filing a report will also benefit the county groundwater monitoring program and assist the newly formed County Drought Task Force and to provide coordinated assistance for drought-related issues such as well outages.

“The information gathered will help in our efforts to gain a better understanding of the ground-water system in Colusa County,” said Fahey.

To report a well outage or problem, stop by the Colusa County Department of Agriculture at 100 Sunrise Blvd., Suite F, in Colusa or call (530) 458-7709.

“If individuals are wary of reporting well problems on their property, they can just report the general area of the well but specific data is always appreciated,” said Fahey, “and any specific well locations will not be made public.”

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