Colusa County Sheriff’s Office Introduces New DARE Vehicle


The Colusa County Sheriff’s Department recently dedicated one of its aging fleet vehicles as the department’s DARE vehicle.

The 2011 Chevrolet Caprice Patrol Vehicle received a unique graphic wrap of the American Flag, the department’s badge, and Darren-the-Lion.

“The Kids are going to eat it up,” said Deputy Leanne Knutson, the department’s DARE and School Resource Officer.

Knutson commented that shortly after receiving the vehicle from being graphic wrapped, children were stopping by and wanting to see it.

“Kids came across the parking lot from the shopping center with their parents and were excited to see it,” said Knutson.

The vehicle will be used while Deputy Knutson travels to area schools, all while further promoting the DARE program.

“Dare focuses on students interacting with police in a safe, classroom environment,” said Knutson, “We want to teach children valuable life skills and to be comfortable with law enforcement officers.”

In the 1990’s, the Colusa County Sheriff’s Department had dedicated one of its fleet pickups as a DARE vehicle; however, the vehicle has been retired for quite some time.

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