Husted Road Closed for Emergency Repairs

Without notice, the City of Williams closed Husted Road between Highway 20 and Ella Street, after City officials deemed the section of the roadway a safety hazard.

“That section of roadway is in a desperate need of repair,” said Williams City Manager, Frank Kennedy, “we didn’t want anyone to gets hurt as the roadway worsened.”

Kennedy commented that this harvest season had produced a significant amount of truck traffic on the road way, as well as gravel trucks from the Marguerite Street extension.

“We are working on securing a bid to repair the roadway as quick as possible,” said Kennedy.

With several sections of Husted road bearing huge ruts, the danger posed was from traffic at high speeds or to smaller vehicles.

“We anticipate to have the roadway repaired in about two to three weeks,” said Kennedy.

Once selected, road crews will not only repair the roadway but rebuild the sections in dire need.

“We’ve applied temporary fixes over the last several years, and they have not worked,” said Kennedy, “we are going to do it right and remove the bad sections and have them rebuilt from the ground up.”

One business was most impacted by the road closure, which was the Williams Nursery.

“I wish there would have been some notice prior to closure,” said Marcie Voorhees.

Voorhees also added, “Since the road was closed, our sales have dropped off significantly; people don’t know how to access our business and don’t want to go around the road barricade.”

Assisting the Williams Nursery, Kennedy commented that the City of Williams provided signage to help Voorhees’ customers know that she is still open for business.

A detour has been put in place, routing Husted Road traffic to Interstate 5. ■

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