Law Enforcement Advise of Increase in Burglaries

The Colusa County Sheriffs Department and the Colusa City Police Department have issued advisories warning residents of a recent rash of vehicle and home burglaries.

“We have seen an increase in burglaries over the past week,” said the Colusa City Police Department in a Facebook Post on September 8, 2015.

According to the Colusa City Police, a majority of the burglaries incidents within Colusa City Limits have occurred on the west side of 10th Street.

“There have been two home burglaries and one vehicle burglary,” the Colusa City Police post said, “I want to remind everyone to remain aware of your surroundings and report any unusual people or vehicles in you neighborhoods.”

Shortly before, the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office received many reports involving vehicle burglaries in the community of Maxwell.

“Burglary of motor vehicles is a crime of opportunity, and there are steps that may be taken toward prevention,” the Sheriff’s Office said in a press release and issued the following precautions to prevent vehicle burglaries.

Raise your windows and lock ALL of your vehicle’s doors even if you plan to be gone for only a brief time.

Don’t leave valuables in your car.

If you must leave valuable items in your car while out and about, place items out of sight before reaching your destination or move them inconspicuously.

Once home, unload your valuables immediately. Do not store valuables in your car any longer than necessary, and certainly never overnight.

Try to park in busy, well-lighted areas, or in your garage (if you have one).

Set any alarm or anti-theft device.

If you notice your vehicle has been burglarized, do not touch/adjust anything in, on or around the car. As soon as possible, call your local law enforcement office to report the incident.

Both agencies issued a statement advising residents to be on the lookout and report any suspicious activity. To report suspicious activity, contact the Colusa County Dispatch at (530) 458-0200.

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