Arbuckle Fire Teaches Students Fire Safety

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Fire Prevention saves lives every year.  Children and adults need to learn about smoke detectors, stop, drop, and roll, and how to safely get out of a home that is on fire and where to meet outside.

Fire Prevention Week started after the Great Chicago Fire of October 9, 1871.  The Great Chicago Fire killed more than 250 people and left 100,000 more homeless.  The Fire destroyed more than 17,400 structures and burned more than 2,000 acres in 27 hours.

Since 1922 National Fire Prevention week has been observed on the Sunday through Saturday period near October 9th.  This year Fire Prevention Week is October 5th through 9th, and the Arbuckle-College City Fire Department will be conducting one hour educational tours for students & parents through the entire month of October.

Approximately 25 classes & more than 630 students will participate in this month’s workshops.  Staff and Volunteer Fire Fighters educate their audience on the responsibility of Fire Fighters, including community medical aid, vehicle fires, residential fires and more.  The educational program also addresses essential topics such as;
The importance of sirens, communication tools for emergency personnel, how to make an emergency call (911), Fire Fighter’s equipment, what a Fire Fighter would look like if they’re searching for you in a fire, smoke detectors, caution regarding Fire Engines and everyone’s favorite – how to operate a fire hose!

This annual project is made possible through community donations to the Arbuckle Fire Department – Volunteer Fire Fighters Program and Premier Mushroom Inc.’s community Grant.

Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
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