Time to Hunt Zombies

Zombies Attack TICEKTS

The Zombie outbreak has been contained to the Southside of the Grandstands, and here is your chance at survival against the flesh-hungry zombies who’ve invaded the Colusa County Fairgrounds.

On Saturday, October 24, from 7 PM to 11 PM the Zombie Paintball Hayride will begin its weeklong series.

Climb aboard the specialized zombie hunting wagon and take control of the mounted paintball guns to defend yourself and your county from the unwanted invasion.

The 15 to 20-minute ride will provide you the opportunity to shoot at a number of props, targets, and, of course, real Zombies.

“The grounds are just infested with the zombies,” said Howard, “We’ve kept them quarantined as long as possible, but we are sure they will escape by Saturday night.”

The Zombies will not have the capability to shoot back, but they will stop at nothing to satisfy their appetite for human flesh.

“We’ve got a lot of excitement brewing about this event, so we expect it to be sold-out crowds each night so order your tickets early,” said Howard.

The seating on the paintball gun wagon is limited and is highly recommended that pre-sale tickets be purchased to ensure your participation.

Tickets are $15 per person and can be purchased online or at the Colusa County Fairgrounds office.

If you would like to purchase tickets online or discover more about the Zombie Paintball Hayride visit www.colusacountyfair.com.

If you are interested in participating as a zombie, call (530) 458-2641 ext 104.






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