“Two Visions” Art Exhibit opens in Colusa

After seeing a painting by Stephen Maffin while on a visit to California, Carolyn Schlam reached out asking if he would like to start an art dialogue.

“I was not previously familiar with his work, but it just resonated with me,” said Schlam.

The two decided to choose identical source materials, primarily photographs and create their vision of the material.

“We did not consult on methodology, style or anything else,” said Schlam, “all we did was try and keep the sizes consistent.”

Their first work completed was the profile of a young girl.

“Our work, of course, was very different, but we both remain, admirers of one another’s work,” said Schlam.

“We are delighted to present this first view of seven of the works we have completed and look forward to hearing the reactions,” said Schlam.

Maffin’s and Schlam’s work will be on display at the Colusa County Arts Council Gallery throughout the month of November.

An artist reception will be held on Thursday, November 5, from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM at the Colusa County Arts Council Gallery (430 Market Street, Colusa).

“We invite everyone to come out and view these wonderful pieces of art,” said Colusa County Arts Council Member, Patti Tauscher, “It’s free to attend the reception and a great addition to a night out on the town.”

Carolyn Schlam is a figurative painter, sculptor and glass artist from Taos, New Mexico. She was named one of the finalists in the Smithsonian Museum Portrait Competition, and her work was also exhibited and acquired by the museum.

From Berkeley, California, Stephen Maffin makes it possible to connect with his artwork in ways similar how we form complex relationships with people. He works in plaster on burlap medium he developed and had exhibited at the Zenith Gallery in Washington DC. He is currently showing at the Art Cube Gallery in Laguna Beach, California and several others.

For more information about the Colusa County Arts Council visit their website, www.colusacountyartscouncil.org or call (530) 458-2222.◄

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