Blasting Caps Detonated in Colusa

On Monday, November 9, 2015, the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office, Office of Emergency Services were notified of vintage “blasting caps” discovered in a workshop located on Neva Avenue in Colusa.

“While cleaning out their shop, the homeowners discovered somewhere around a dozen blasting caps,” said Colusa County Office of Emergency Services Coordinator, Lt. Neil Pearson.

Lt. Pearson also commented that the property had belonged to one of the resident’s family members; whom at the time had permits to possess/use the explosives.

The Butte County Inter-Agency Bomb Squad responded to the residence and assessed the blasting caps.

“Although the blasting caps were safely stored, it was determined due to their age, it would be safer to dispose of them on-site,” said Lt. Pearson.

At about 10:35 Am the bomb squad safely detonated and disposed of the blasting caps. ◄

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