‘Seed Survivor’ takes over Williams and Arbuckle Elementary


To help make sure today’s youth understand how important Agriculture is, a Canadian company is taking an active and interactive approach to teaching kids the basic of farming.

Several second, fourth and fifth-grade students from Williams and Arbuckle Elementary schools were given the opportunity to learn about what plants require to grow, as the ‘Seed Survivor’ plant nutrient classroom travels across the United States.

The Seed Survivor program that visited the schools on Thursday, November 19, and Friday, November 20, is a free, curriculum-based learning experience provided by agricultural products and services company Agrium, together with the Farm Bureau.

The students learned about crops grown in California, different soil types and what plants need to grow. All this was done with the help of the interactive trailer that includes educational games, interactive features, and live demonstrations.

“The kids loved interacting with the games,” said Colusa County Farm Bureau director, Liz Dawley.

Seed Savior - ArbuckleDuring the live demonstration, every student planted sunflower seeds in a small cup. The students were then given instruction on how to take care of their seedlings at home.

The ‘Seed Survivor’ program was developed in Canada in 2004 and has five interactive stations on water, light, soil nutrients and growth.

To learn more information about Agrium and the Seed Survivor trailer, visit: http://seedsurvivor.com.

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