Maxwell Student Reads 1-Million Words

chantryHow many pages have you read in the last two months? Fourth-grader, Chantry Brackett, has read the equivalent of 2,230 pages with the Scholastic Reading Counts! (SRC) program.

Brackett was recently recognized for her astounding achievement of reading 1-million words since Maxwell Elementary School implemented the SRC program two months ago. She received an achievement certificate from her Teacher Miss. Alexandra Kraft. She also received a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble and earned her way into the Scholastic Reading Counts! Millionaire Club.

“[Scholastic Reading Counts!] has been a very successful way to get students excited about reading,” said Maxwell Elementary Teacher, Kyle Cabral, “Our school is very excited and happy about it.”

Maxwell Elementary second-grade through fifth-grade students have read an accumulative 7,000,000 words.

“Bracket has read over 1-million words by herself – it is quite amazing,” said Cabral.

Cabral commented that with the implementation of SRC, the school librarian purchased over 1,000 new books. Each book was arranged by reading level and content.

“Each week we recognize our students for breaking goals,” said Cabral, “but we felt Brackett deserved special recognition.”

SEC is a computerized program that Providences immediate feedback of a student’s reading comprehension allowing students to increase their reading effectiveness in attention and comprehension. The State Department of Education recommends that intermediate students read at least one million words a year to properly develop reading fluency and comprehension.

Although new to Maxwell Elementary, the Pierce Joint Unified School District adopted the program over ten years ago.

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