College Campuses in Clear Lake and Colusa County Receive New Names

At the December 10, 2015 Yuba Community College District Board of Trustees Meeting, the Board approved the name changes for the campuses in Lake and Colusa County to better reflect the realignment from the Yuba College Campus to Woodland Community College (WCC).

In January 2014 the YCCD Board of Trustees approved realigning the Clear Lake Campus with WCC to strategically meet the diverse needs of the community and region; the Colusa Center was already aligned with WCC.

The previous names, Yuba College Clear Lake Campus and the Colusa County Outreach Facility, neither accurately reflected the service area or the realignment change. Input for the change at Clear Lake was collected from various community entities including the Middletown Area Merchants Association, Clearlake business and community leaders and current Lake County students.

Stakeholders that were interviewed also felt that the name of the Colusa campus did not accurately reflect the services and objectives of the site and were in favor of the name change.

The new names for each campus is: Lake County Campus of Woodland Community College and Colusa County Campus of Woodland Community College.

The Lake County Campus is located at 15880 Dam Road Ext. in Clear Lake and the Colusa County Campus is located at 99 Ella Street in Williams.

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