Ampla Health Telemedicine Program Improves Health Outcomes

Ampla Health is a runner up in the category of Yuba-Sutter Innovation Business of 2015 at the Yuba-Sutter Chamber’s Gala event Saturday night at the Colusa Casino Resort. In 2004 Ampla Health helped pioneer the technology of connecting medical professionals with patients through audio and video feeds at its Chico clinic. Since then the organization and technology have taken significant strides forward including a recent partnership with the Medical Alumni Volunteer Expert Network (MAVEN) to better serve Ampla patients.

“We are pleased to be recognized as a business innovator along with two other outstanding healthcare leaders within the region,” said Cindy Snelgrove, Ampla Health Director of Clinical Services. “Telemedicine is a critical technological advance that links the best specialists in California from cardiology to rheumatology to support the diverse needs of our patients.”

Ampla Health projects that as many as 4,000 patients will be seen, counseled, diagnosed, and served through the Ampla Health Telemedicine Program in 2016. And rather than patients making lengthy drives into the Bay Area or other cities in California to see healthcare specialists, the medical experts are now coming to Ampla’s program through a new collaboration with MAVEN. MAVEN specialists represent over a dozen healthcare fields, and include physicians and professionals who have won research, teaching, rising star, and outstanding achievement awards, are members of the American College of Physicians, and Surgeons, Medical Honor Society members, Distinguished Citizen of the Year, or have patents pending within their field of expertise.

In 2016 Ampla Health is including Yuba City and Colusa in its Telemedicine Program clinic sites for a total of 11 clinic locations throughout Ampla’s six-county service area connecting patients with superior healthcare services. Last year Ampla’s Telemedicine Program was awarded and acknowledged as a best practices model on the West Coast as “Telehealth Champion of the Year” by the California Telehealth Network (CTN) for providing services to more patients than all other participating medical clinics in the state. Last year Ampla Health served about 3,000 patients with the Telemedicine Program.  In 2013 the Program was awarded “Successful Multi-Site Implementation” in California by CTN. At that time the program was located in Chico, Oroville, Olivehurst, Orland, and Hamilton City and served over 1,800 patients.

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