Ag Business Feature: Royal Ag Services

Providing viable opportunities for future generations, Royal Ag Services specializes in custom agricultural development and management services.

“We are more than just a compost company,” said Scott Olhiser, owner of Royal Ag Services, “we provide full-service fertilizer spreading solutions and custom services for our customers.”

Olhiser commented that his company specializes in custom spreading, custom blending, shredding, hedging, ripping and discing, earth moving, land leveling and much more.

“We specialize in products that are certified organic, but offer conventional products as well,” said Olhiser.

From the farmer looking balance the biological system in his soil by spreading gypsum, to the farmer spreading fertilizer in his orchard, Olhiser commented that his company does it all and even has the custom equipment to help with the task.

“We have specialty equipment for flat land spreading to fully custom orchard spreading trucks that we built,” said Olhiser.

Royal Ag Services offers a variety of fertilizers and materials that include: organic compost, Gypsum, Lime, and Chicken Manure. Additionally, Olhiser commented that they will work closely with crop advisors to provide the perfect blend for its customers needs.

Royal Ag Services is also a Pure Ag Distributor and a Highnoon Distributor.

“We provide a variety of excellent products, and our service is top notch,” said Scott Olhiser, “we understand that scheduling is important to the farmer – so we provide dependable and prompt solutions.”

For more information about Royal Ag Services call (530) 476-2628 or visit their website

Royal Ag Services will also be available at the Colusa County Farm Show held February 2 – 4, 2016.

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