Valentine Craft Night a Sweet Success

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On Thursday, February 4, the Williams Community Center pulsed with creative ideas and plenty of art materials for children to explore and craft with for Valentine’s Day.

While getting settled, kids were treated to hot dogs and bottles of water provided by Beth Nall and Kelly Lewis, both of Williams.

Melissa Baikie-Rick, the event coordinator, commented, “Our event starts right at 5 PM., and participants may not have time to eat due to busy schedules. We want to have something in their bellies so that they can focus.”

Valentine Crafts Night for Kids was open to the general public of Colusa County.

23 children participated in the crafting event along with their family member(s).

“We had itty bitties all the way up to grandparents enjoying the crafting. Every parent or grandparent there got into glitter and the googly eyes,” said Baikie-Rick.

Kids crafted projects such as face masks, love bugs, and chains of hearts, but they were also encouraged to use their imaginations and creativity to create their Valentine visions with the supplies.

“Bringing families together for an easy-going and safe evening where kids can be creative, makes for a total success,” Baikie-Rick commented.

As to future events, Baikie-Rick replied, “I’m thinking about organizing an Adult Craft Night. WCC is putting on events for the youngsters and the senior citizens, now it could be time to do something for the adults of our community.”

Baikie-Rick is currently researching the activities other community centers offer, and discussing opportunities that ill get more people involved in both volunteering and participation.

The Valentine-themed event was the second event hosted by the Williams Community Center targeting the counties youth.  In mid-December 2015, the organization hosted its first holiday-themed crafting event and movie. There was even a surprise visit from Olaf, a character from the popular film, Frozen.

Anyone interested in assisting or participating in events hosted by the Williams Community Center should contact Melissa Baikie-Rick at (530)405-6150.

The Williams Community Center can be found online at or can be found on Facebook.






Everyone followed the guidelines, and in one case, three generations of a family crafted together and chatted with other guests nearby.