Local School Treats Farm Show Attendees  

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Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School continued their fundraising tradition of selling homemade pie, by the slice or whole, to visitors and vendors at the 2016 Colusa County Farm Show.

Annual farm show attendees in search of something sweet knew to visit Atwood Hall.

Several volunteers, parents and community members, baked their secret recipes and contributed to the annual fundraiser. However, there is only on a strict rule to contribute to the event, all donations must be homemade – store bought treats are not allowed.

Because each item is homemade, over the years, some of those pies have developed a strong following. According to Blanca Dahlstrom, co-chair of the event, “Mrs. Spooner made us pies this year, and they were quite popular.”

Marie Spooner, of Williams, made rhubarb and apricot pies as her contribution. When asked the secret to the appeal of her pies, she denied that it was anything special.

“I’ve been making them for many, many years,” Spooner laughed.

Dahlstrom commented that the blackberry pies made by Asa Smith, of Williams were also sought after.

Customers are were able to pre-order their favorites up to two weeks in advance or during the first and second days and pick them up during the Farm Show.

“A lot of the people who come every year want to take whole pies home,” said Dahlstrom, “They know to come by on Tuesday, the first day, that’s the day to come and see what we have. Then they can place their orders, and we will have the pies ready for them to pick up on Thursday and take them home.”

Those who’ve waited until the final day of the show, often find that the pies have sold out.

Esmeralda Espindola, a parent volunteer, was one of many volunteers to help staff the concession.

After retrieving a walnut pie baked by Alma Hickel for a patron who ordered ahead, Espindola commented, “We’ve pretty much sold out for the day, and it’s only 3:30. We only have two more pies to get us to 5:00.”

Dahlstrom confirmed that pies were in high demand this year.

“We sold out each day of the show,” she reported. “Because we had so many pre-ordered pies, there were a lot on the counter in view, waiting to be picked up, that we couldn’t serve. People in line didn’t understand why we said we were sold out; they could see whole pies on the counter, and we had to explain that they were spoken for.”

According to Dahlstrom, this year’s pie sale was very successful and will, of course, be held again in 2017 as one of the school’s major fundraisers.

“In fact, we are already getting orders for next year,” said Dahlstrom.

Money raised through the sales go into a general fund to fulfill the needs of the school.

The 2017 Colusa County Farm Show will be held February 7-9, 2017.

For more information about fundraising at OLL, contact the school at (530) 458-8208.