It’s Your Colusa County: Bill Camp


Colusa Man Appreciates the Small Things and Lives a Large Life

2016 Bill Camp (Color)-1Bill Camp, a Colusa resident for the past 15 years, was “in his element” at the Colusa County Farm Show while he visited with other attendees; an event he looks forward to all year long.

“The Colusa County Farm Show is the most fun you can have for free!” said Camp, “Where else are you going to spend such a pleasant day, looking at the latest in farm equipment and talking to people who attend and work the show? There’s nothing better!”

Camp loves to look at the new equipment.

“They’re snazzy, shiny and have AM/FM Stereos with air conditioning,” said Camp.

Camp also commented that most of the farm equipment are computer guided and use lasers for leveling.

“It’s almost like something out of Star Trek,” he laughed as he described the sights at the Colusa County Farm Show.

He had been dismayed in the past when friends gave him a hard time for attending a “farm show” and not being a farmer.

“You don’t have to be in farming to learn and enjoy the fresh air and conversations,” said Camp, “I still think they are the ones missing out. I run into so many people at the Farm Show that I wouldn’t want to miss one year.” he added.

For 36 years, Camp has lived in Colusa County and first moved to Williams as a young man when his parents co-owned the Townhouse Restaurant and Bar in Williams.

He describes his first impression after moving to Williams as “culture shock,” and remembers that it was very different from Union City in the Bay Area, where he previously lived.

Soon after arriving, he noted that there were, at least, three bars in town and he thought, “I can do this.”

“At that time, people would hop between the three places, Crossroads Bowling Alley, The Townhouse, and Sullivan’s Tavern,” commented Camp, “Sometimes we would make a stop late at Louis Cairo’s for one drink, just to see people and say hello; though, we went between the Crossroads Bowling Alley, The Townhouse, and Sullivan’s Tavern more often.”

Camp describes his favorite Colusa County season as, those two wondrous weeks of spring that we get here before our extended winter and scorching summer.

“That wonderful weather we get when it’s not hot, and it’s not cold. It’s just right,”  said Camp, “You can leave doors and windows open without worrying about bugs coming in and you don’t run your air or heater. It doesn’t last long, and it ends just as soon as that first mosquito gets inside your house. Then, it’s over. I try to enjoy it while it lasts.”

Camp lives in Colusa with his wife, Sandy. Sandy is a UC Master Gardener and belongs to the Colusa County Garden Club. Camp himself is employed by the Colusa Casino as the Lead Cook at Seasons Buffet. He and Sandy share their home with two Basset Hounds, and one Corgi/Dachshund.

The couple enjoys working in their garden and anticipate the fresh fruit and vegetables that they grow during the summer.

Camp commented that they have had luck with growing tomatoes, pumpkins and squash, but have a hard time with cucumbers. He especially looks forward to harvesting the nectarines that grow on a tree in the backyard.

The only change Camp would like to see is more of a variety of restaurants around Colusa County.

Camp enjoys’ the likelihood of seeing familiar faces when he is running errands or shopping; this he said is what makes Colusa County unique.

“I enjoy going into the store and bumping into someone I know,” he said, “I like being in line and looking to see who it is ribbing me – giving me a bad time.”

Bill Camp notices and appreciates the small things in life.  They obviously add up to a life well lived in Colusa County.