Hoblit Motors Celebrates 67th Year with Alignment Quick Check

Jason English, Service Manager at Hoblit Motors, is thrilled to announce the addition of the Quick Check Alignment System to Hoblit’s service department.

“Very quickly we will have a complete four-wheel alignment analysis completed and print out describing any issues that need to be corrected for the customer,” said English.

The Quick Check Alignment System is a small, wheel-mounted device that captures toe and camber measurements. To use the system, a service staff member simply positions a vehicle in front of the machine, rolls the vehicle forward to capture measurements, scans the VIN with a bar code reader to gather specifications that are built into the system and prints results for the customer.

“The Quick Check System is a great investment and well worth it,” says English.
English commented that this Quick Check will be offered free of charge to all their service customers.

“A client will get their oil changed, tires rotated, a multi-point inspection, their vehicle washed, and their alignment checked all for the same low rate,” said English, “this is a great benefit to our customer without all the hassle.”

English also commented that if a customer’s vehicle is out of alignment, the decision can then be made by the customer on the necessary actions to be taken.

“Proper alignment is important for tire wear, fuel economy, and safety,” said English.

English expects to have the equipment installed and available in March.

Founded in February 1949, by Mortley “MD” Hoblit and Wayne Hoblit, opened the dealership at its current location at 5th and Main Streets in Colusa. Wayne bought out MD’s share in the business and was later joined Wayne’s son, David, who transitioned into the dealership in the 1970s. The eldest of Dave’s three sons, Chris joined the business venture.

For more information call (530) 458-2151.

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