It’s Your Colusa County: Rose Ann Ellis

RoseAnnEllisGrimes, Small Community – Big Heart

Ask anyone in Grimes about the active woman who reads to local children and they will point you in Rose Ann Ellis’s.

Over the last 37 years, Ellis has served as the Grimes Branch Librarian and shared countless of hours of time and energy to those who visited the local branch.

Born and raised in Grimes, Ellis left Colusa County to earn her college degree and teaching credential and later taught in the bay area at the elementary level.

Eventually, Ellis returned to Grimes where she felt most at home.

“I liked Grimes. We all had fun together, and we all lived right around the corner.  We were always together.” said Ellis.

Treasuring her local community, Ellis commented that her passion is to make sure everything is at its best.

“Well, you know, you pick up trash, you go out to the school and say hello to the kids, and you talk to parents as they walk past.  It’s all about being involved with the community,” she commented.

Though time changes the quaint town located along the Sacramento River, Ellis commented that the comradery of the community remains.

“My son always had good friends here when he was growing up, and our daughter as well. The kids all still play together,” she said.

One of Ellis’ favorite enjoyments of her community is the beautiful weather during the summer.

“I especially enjoy the summer months when I get to walk daily with friends,” she said.

Though, Ellis probably didn’t make it too far on her walks as she often spends countless of hours volunteering at the Grimes Library during the summer reading program.

“I read to the kids at the library and then during the school year, I read out there at the school. We do a program called California Young Readers. We read a series of five books over the year, and then we discuss and review each book. In the end, they have to vote for their favorite. Kids all over California get to read the same books and vote for their favorites, so they get to compare their results,” she said.

Ellis is highly involved with the Grimes Civic Association whose primary purpose is to maintain the local Boy Scout Cabin.

When asked what her favorite Colusa County Events were, Ellis responded with great enthusiasm.

“Well, you go to the fair of course, and then you have the Grimes Lady’s Aid Bazaar in November. You have to go to that,” she said, “Grimes also has a parade every year. It’s the time we celebrate Grimes on the Fourth of July.”

Ellis described Grime’s unique feature, “We go back so far in history.”

She proudly recounted the establishment of the Grimes township by Cleaton Grimes, which began with the Sacramento River and Riverboats but continued when he bought ground and settled there in what soon became Grimes.

Ellis summarized her beloved community with, “Well, everybody around town…we all know each other. Everybody says hello. They’re just friendly.”

She and husband, Tom Ellis, live within Grimes and have a son and daughter who are grown and live out of the area.