Judge Grants Writ Thwarting Governor Brown’s attempt to avoid California initiative law

On February 24, 2016, Judge Shelleyanne Chang ruled in favor of the California District Attorneys Association [CDAA] and writ petitioner Anne Marie Schubert and granted a writ of mandate prohibiting Attorney General Kamala Harris from issuing the title and summary of Governor Jerry Brown’s “Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016 [the Act]”.

Anne Marie Schubert is the Sacramento County District Attorney.

CDAA and Schubert believed the proposed initiative hijacked the initiative system and cut in line to the front, ahead of other initiatives and completely avoided the proper public comment period.

“I am pleased with the Judge’s decision,” stated Colusa County Chief Deputy District Attorney Matthew R. Beauchamp, “The title of the act is misleading and actually jeopardizes public safety,”

Beauchamp commented that the Act gives the Department of Corrections virtually unlimited authority to reduce a sentence for “good behavior” and to release felons after serving short periods of incarceration.

“The Act would authorize the reductions of sentences including murder and child molestation,” said Beauchamp, “Contrary to its title, the “Public Safety Act” actually endangers the public.”

CDAA’s most pressing concern was the lack of due process, for the public and the victims of crime in this state.

“I am pleased with Judge Chang’s decision,” said Schubert. “I signed on because I was deeply concerned about the lack of public comment allowed in the protections of victims and public safety contained in these sweeping changes. Moving forward the people will have the right to public comment and that was my intent.”


Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
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