Princeton Loves Books

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The Princeton Branch Library drew quite the crowd during its open house on Wednesday, March 2, 2016.

The Princeton Library is often referenced as the hub of the community. Offering a quiet place to read, and a place to catch up on your local periodicals and local history in the reading room.

The shelves are stocked full of books, arranged appropriately, and carefully by Princeton Library Aide, Mary Beth Massa.

“Masa is a treasure to the Princeton Library, she works hard on maintaining her library and takes pride in what she does,” said Colusa County Library, Stacey Costello.

In celebration of, “The Year of the Library”, the Colusa County Library has hosted an open house at each of its Branch locations.

“We want folks to come and see what the library is up to, how things have changed and discover the resources the library system has to offer,” sad Costello, “It is also an opportunity for us to thank our patrons for their support and is part of our larger effort to reestablish ourselves as core community centers.”

At the Princeton Library, Masa is quite busy as the library serves a dual purpose for the community. Not only a place of resource for the public, but it also acts as the school library.

“I read to the elementary school children quite often,” said Masa, “I help the children discover books and assist them with their projects.”

When Masa isn’t reading a book to a child, or charging a book out to a patron, she is working on individual projects around the library and adding new books to the collection.

“Many of the books are donated to the library,” said Masa, “the Friends of the Colusa County Library play a big part in that.”

Discover what the Princeton Branch Library has to offer. Browse the catalog of books and magazines, access the world wide web or work on a project on one of the several computers available, or relax in the lounge, play with some legos, or check out a book!

The Princeton Branch Library is open on Tuesday from 8 AM to 1 PM and on Wednesday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

For information about Colusa County Libraries visit their website at or call (530) 458-7671.

Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
Lloyd Green Jr. is the Owner and Publisher of the Williams Pioneer Review. He is dedicated in publishing the news and informing the community of Colusa County. Lloyd has been with the publication since 2008, and purchased the business in 2010. Under his ownership the newspaper has grown significantly in subscriptions, publishes weekly, and obtained the title of Newspaper of General Circulation by the Superior Court of Colusa County in Sept. 2007. Lloyd is also the director of advertising, classified manager, legal notice clerk, and circulation manager. To contact Lloyd, email him at or call (530) 458-4141 ext. 100.