It’s Your Colusa County: Barbara Gomes

IYCC - Barbara GomesPrinceton Woman Practices the Art of Giving

Barbara Gomes grew up in Arbuckle, and spent most of her adult life there, but now Princeton is where she calls home – a bliss alongside the Sacramento River.

Gomes believes in living a life built on positivity; and that has only expanded since moving to Princeton six years ago with husband, Guy.

Her first impression of Princeton was that it was a lovely small town with a real sense of community.

She described it as “tight knit” and her love for the community has only grown stronger over time.

“I think that the uniqueness of Princeton is that it’s small enough that everyone knows each other, and If someone gets sick or is in need, people are there for them,” she said. “It is a very welcoming community.”

Gomes has a strong passion for giving, whether it is assistance to a friend or a random act of kindness such as buying a stranger’s lunch.

She learned the art of giving from her father who was often known as “The Candy Man.”

“My dad always had candy on hand that he passed out to children or anyone who looked like they needed some cheering up,” said Gomes.

Even today, Gomes makes sure she has a jar of candy at her father’s bedside at the senior living facility where he lives. They too, call him “The Candy Man.”

Last year, after facing a difficult time, Gomes vowed to perform 100 Random Acts of Kindness. Her goal was easily reached by delivering flowers to nurses and handing out packages of trail mix, peanuts, and cookies to everyone she encountered.

“My greatest pleasure in life comes from doing for others, I never expect anything in return,” she Said, “The gift I get comes from the smile on their face and when I see how it makes them feel.”

Gomes finds it easy to connect her passion for paying it forward and doing for others to her Origami Owl business.

“The company’s mission statement is to be a force for good, and that’s what drew me to them, it empowered me more,” Gomes stated.

She recently gifted a special memory locket for a young woman who had just lost her father.
“I just gave it to her. Not everything is about sales; I thought she might like something special to remember her dad with,” she said.

For Gomes, Fall is her favorite season to experience in Colusa County. Enjoying the changing colors of foliage, the warm and cozy feel of home and preparing for the holidays. In fact, decorating her home for the holidays is a favorite hobby.

“I love the holidays,” she said. “We decorate the house for each season and holiday. Last Christmas, I had 22 different trees in my house, each with a different theme.”

Some of the local events that Gomes looks forward to each year include the Portuguese Festival in Princeton and the Colusa Fire Association’s Annual Crab Feed.

“I’m enjoying Rocco’s St. Patrick’s Day Poker Run and Bar Crawl in Colusa, this is the third year, and it is so much fun,” Gomes stated.

Gomes adores spending time with her grandchildren and believes that four-year-old Aiden, whom she proclaims to be the light of her life, is the one who is paying attention to her philosophy of helping others and giving.

“He gets it and uses the words, “I love you more,” which I am famous for saying a lot,” she said.
The practice of giving that directs how Gomes conducts her life and business are a way for her to “collect smiles” and increase positivity for everyone.

“You never know what someone else’s struggle is and by helping them, I get the gift of the true warmth of a smile or a happy heart,” said Gomes.