Flea Market Event Raises Funds for County Youth

2016 - EAM Fund YES Flea Market BW-1Despite the arrival of spring rain, the Eleanor Azevedo Memorial Fund Youth Empowerment Service (EAM Fund YES) held its annual Flea Market Fundraising Event at the Scout Cabin in Colusa on Saturday, April 9 2016.

“People were lined up and ready to come in,” said event coordinator, Terri Rivera.

Rivera commented that many of the day’s shoppers arrived an hour before the planned 8:00 AM start time, which was a surprise to Rivera considering the impending rain.

On schedule with the forecast, rain began falling and only then did the number of arriving shoppers begin to decline, but Rivera acknowledged the friendly and boisterous crowd present throughout the day.

“A lot of these people are my friends and family,” she said, “they always come out and support the fundraisers we hold to raise the money we need to impact our youth. I don’t know what we would do without their support.”

All proceeds from the fees and the sales from the EAM Fund YES table assist the eligible youth of Colusa County to participate in local athletics or other enrichment activities that they have requested.

The organization depends on many different fundraisers throughout the year, but according to Rivera, the need for funding is immediate.

“Soccer season is coming up, and there are a lot of kids who want to play on a team and enjoy the experience,” Rivera said, “However, it’s not always possible for families to cover those expenses when they come up.”

Since 2010, the organization has been able to help hundreds of Colusa County Youth participate in several enrichment services, Rivera stated.

“We have raised $30,000 over the past six years and helped many young people,” she Said.

The Eleanor Azevedo Memorial Fund was set up as a local Youth Empowerment Service so that Azevedo’s family could raise funds and use them to benefit the youth of Colusa County by sponsoring their fees, with a current maximum of $50 per child, for athletics or other needed enrichment activities.

“Any child who is under 18 years of age is eligible to receive funding through EAM Fund YES, but there is a protocol that must be followed,” she said.

For information about the EAM Fund YES, call (530) 458-7372 or email eam.yes17@yahoo.com.