It’s Your Colusa County: Michael Hammer

2016 - IYCC Michale Hammer0503Michael Hammer, of Colusa, believes that maintaining a positive attitude and promoting a message of positivity is what he needs to live a healthy life in Colusa County.

At the age of 13, Hammer and his family moved from Solano County to Williams. After high school, he moved to Colusa.

Helping friends when they need a small favor is something he does without hesitation.

“To be a positive person, working on my inner self is essential,” said Hammer,  “I have to make time to do what needs to be done to feel whole, which my friends don’t always understand, but I have to do the work.”

When not helping his friends and family, he can be found composing his thoughts in the form of rap lyrics.

“I don’t write like a lot of others do with disrespectful language and profanity,” he said. “I like to write real positive and wholesome messages to help shape the way people think and how they live their lives.”

Like many, Hammer works a seasonal job packing locally grown walnuts.

Hammer gets a sense of satisfaction from his work by developing camaraderie with co-workers. When he started his job, he may have been perceived as shy, but when he began wearing his “Finn Hat” to work, they realized he had a playful side.

“I like to lighten the mood when I can, and when I get a smile in return, then I have been successful,”  he said.

“Finn” is the name of a character from The Cartoon Network’s animated television series, Adventure Time.

“Finn is a good character and represents a lot of good values. He is a twelve-year-old optimist, and his life has taken on a mission of service to other people,” Hammer explained. “I believe Finn is a good model for kids, and he reminds adults not to take themselves too seriously.”

At his residence in Colusa, Hammer has been building a sense of community with his neighbors with casual community dinners that take place several times a week in his neighborhood.

“One of us will buy meat and invite the others to join in preparing a group meal. Everyone involved tries to contribute something,” he said.

“We have a good time and enjoy the spirit of fellowship and community,” Hammer added, “At times, we talk about our personal problems and give the best advice we have and support each other.”

Making other folks smile, and building a sense of community where he lives all provide for Hammer’s happiness in life.

“I’m a positive person, and I try to surround myself with like-minded people. I’m a firm believer that positivity can be contagious and spreads,” said Hammer.