Williams Community Center to Receive New Stage

community center donaton

Each of the Colusa County Supervisors was allotted $25,000 to contribute to special projects, of their choice, within in their districts or any part of Colusa County.

Supervisor Mark Marshall (Dist. 3) recently contributed $5,201.15, a portion of his allotted funds, to the Williams Community Center Association for the purchase of a portable stage.

The Williams Community Center has been actively fundraising towards the purchase of a portable stage of their own.

Each year, the Center hosts the Summer Showcase, a local talent show,” said Melissa Baikie-Rick, vice chair of the Williams Community Center Association, “the portable stage will be a huge edition to the show and other activities at the community center.”

The Williams Community Center is a project dear to Marshall’s heart, and he has been a supporter of it from the beginning.

In 2013 after more than two decades the Williams Community Center Association succeeded in opening a community center in Williams when the Williams Community Center was established in the renovated former Williams Veteran’s Hall.

Establishing the center was a result of the tireless 20-plus years of fundraising by the Association and the $250,000 Community Development Block Grant that Colusa County Supervisor Mark Marshall is credited with securing for the project.

Once the Center’s was opened, the grounds were given a ‘facelift’ as well when a group of volunteers from many groups and businesses completed the center’s landscaping project.

Again, Supervisor Mark Marshall and his wife Nancy Marshall showed their continued support of the center by donating all of the plants needed for the landscaping.

Marshall commented that this had been a great project for Williams. “We are so pleased that we could be a part of seeing it come to fruition,” he said.

“We are extremely proud of the Williams Community Center,” said Marshall. “There have been many volunteers that have helped to make this reality in our community,” he said.

The Williams Community Center is located at 860 C Street, in Williams. For more information about the Williams Community Center, Call (530) 501-3029.

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