Clampers Commemorate Colusa County History

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On Saturday, April 16, 2016, one of the oldest and oddest groups, dating back to the Gold Rush-era continued its pursuit to plaque and commemorated all things historical throughout the State of California.

Lead by Noble Grand Humbug, Bob Proctor, the group gathered at the south end of the Colusa County Courthouse where a plaque was dedicated.

Commemorating one of the unique aspects of Colusa County History when eight residents were sent to Alcatraz after the assassination of US President, Abraham Lincoln. “On April 22, 1865, Capt. Augustus Washington Starr was sent to Colusa, called the Little South by Some, by Brig. Gen. George Wright to find out what was happening,” said Proctor, “Upon arriving he proceeded to arrest persons for making exulting expressions over the assassination of President Lincoln.”

Among these arrested were Editor of the Weekly Colusa Sun, William S. Green, District Attorney Dudley Shepardson, Deputy Assessor Charles Price, and Justice of the Peace Jasper Scoggins.

“They were identified as Copperheads for cutting off the words “United States of America” from the Indian head penny and wearing the result as a badge,” Proctor stated. All eight men were arrested and sent to Alcatraz. They were later tried in the US District Court in San Francisco for using Disloyal Language towards the Federal Government. It wasn’t until the individuals took an oath of allegiance to the United States, they were released.

The plaque was set in quarry stone from Stonyford, provided by Colusa County Supervisor, District 4, Gary Evans.

Colusa County Historian, John Morton provided the history to the E Clampus Vitus group.

This marks the third plaque installed in the City of Colusa. Other plaques include the Colusa Tin House, and Old China Town.

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