New Generation at Generations Custom Embroidery


While attending Colusa High School, Thomas Gentil began to develop a love for screen printing.

“In Bob Kirkman Sr’s Class, we learned how to screen print the organic way,” said Gentil.

Gentil immersed himself in the creativity of screen printing by developing the brand “CSIC” for a class project. Today, he continues his passion for screen printing and devotion to his brand.

“After high school, I moved to Seattle where I studied music production and audio engineering,” said Gentil, “I recorded for a few bands, and used screen printing to raise money for audio engineering equipment.”

In 2012, Gentil moved back to Colusa and started a small screen printing business out of his garage.

After completing his first large job, Gentile discovered the potential in his business endeavor and stumbled upon a business opportunity he couldn’t pass up.

“I heard that Generations was for sale so I contacted the owner, and we met,” said Gentil, “I was just 19, and that meeting was the moment my life changed.”

New to purchasing and running a real business, Gentil wasn’t afraid to take the risk.

“My father had a great business mind and helped me develop the tools I need,” said Gentil, “I learned a lot from my family, and a lot I taught myself.”

Located at 761 Main Street in Colusa, Generations provides custom embroidery and garment printing. From full-color photos, quilt blocks, and business apparel, Gentil offers a creative approach to traditional services.

“We do direct to garment printing, custom patches, letterman jackets,” said Gentil.

Today, Generations is a small business; however Gentil hopes to expand his operation into a full manufacturing process and to continue promoting the various brands he creates.

“Stop by and discover what is available to you and your business, I am glad to help,” said Gentil.

Thomas at Generations can be reached by calling (530) 458-2265 or by emailing

Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
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