Premier Mushroom Community Grants likely bigger this year

Mushroom Grants IncreasedNow in its sixth year, the Premier Mushrooms Inc. Grants for non-profits program is continuing; but the number of grants awarded will likely increase.

Each year the local mushroom growers contributes for sale at the weekly Colusa Certified Farmers Market a variety of mushrooms from which the sales are 100 percent dedicated to grant amounts awarded annually to Colusa County non-profit groups.

This year, Premier further partnered with the Farmer’s Market in providing signage and banners for the weekly market, and also as a sponsor for the first annual Food to Fork dinner held at Veteran’s Memorial Park; home to the market.

Farmers Market coordinator and primary coordinator of the dinner, Jennifer Diaz said she was extremely pleased with the response the fresh mushrooms brought from shoppers at the weekly market. “They are delicious and so fresh when we get them there is always a big demand for them,” she said.

The mushrooms are also sold each Thursday at Market Street Grill in Colusa.  The mushroom sales each week at the Grill also benefit the grant program. Market Street Grill owner Diane Schuman said she is pleased to be a part of this program as well.

“Premier has supported the grant funding effort for six years now, “said Diaz. She said that with the growing interest in the market, the mushrooms, and the grant program it seemed a perfect fit to use a portion of the dinner profits to support the grant program.

“At the end of the season when the sales are final we will use a portion of the Farm to Fork proceeds to match the total farmers market mushroom sales for this year,” she said.

“This will provide an even greater opportunity for our county’s non-profit groups to participate,” said Diaz.

John Ashbaugh, Premier Mushrooms Inc., CEO said he is pleased with the decision to expand the grant program.

“We have seen a continued growth in the number of applications we see, and interest in the grants,” said Ashbaugh. “I’m very please it will now have the potential to assist even more Colusa County non-profit projects,” he said

“The fact that Premier donates them solely for the purpose of generating grant funds is very much appreciated,” Diaz added.

The grant funds will be awarded during the annual Premier Mushrooms Inc. Grants Breakfast hosted by Premier Mushrooms Inc. in mid-January 2017 when Ashbaugh will announce the award amounts.

Ashbaugh added that Premier Mushrooms is grateful to be a part of the community and that it is a pleasure to give back however it can.

Applications are available by contacting Kathy Craigo Media Consulting at (530) 458-3704 or or at the Premier Mushroom Inc. office at 2880 Niagra Avenue, Colusa, CA 95932, on its website at, or at the Colusa Certified Farmers Market each Thursday night in Colusa. The deadline to submit the applications in December 30, 2016.■

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