Quilt Show this Saturday

In the Community Center at the Colusa County Fairgrounds, a number of quilts will be on display this Saturday during the “Farm+Fabric=Family” Quilt Show.

“We will have over 150 quilts on display,” said Pacific Quilt Guild Treasurer Arlene Arnold.

While many of the quilts on display are from guild members, Arnold commented that there would be a number of unique pieces from Mount Shasta quilt guild.

“The Shasta Lilly Guild Art Group will have a collection of ten quilts on display,” said Arnold. “They are unique in how they were made.”

Arnold commented that the quilts were made by photographing old bars, and enlarging the photo then splitting it three ways.

“The photo was then divvied up, and each made a quilt based upon their representation of the photograph. Then the pieces were sewn back together,” said Arnold. “The results were fantastic.”

In addition to the Mount Shasta exhibit, Arnold added that Lori McCoy from Southern California would feature one of her quilts selected from the 1,500 entries at the Huston International Quilt Festivals Farm to Fabric exhibit. “She was a student of mine,” said Arnold.

Also on display will be the Vintage Sunsweet Dodge pickup truck, as well as some new, vintage, and antique quilts.

“I always take a few of my civil war quilts for people to take a look at,” said Arnold. “It should be a lot of fun.”

Something special this year includes the raffle baskets. “The ‘baskets’ this year are wooden tool cases made by the Princeton FFA,” said Arnold.

Featured Exhibits

photo-quilt-show-no-deere-here“The Mechanical Quilt” by Lynne Pillus

The Mechanical Quilt started when Pillus was searching for her quilting voice.

“I started quilting when I wanted a quilt, but couldn’t afford one,” said Pillus. “From that moment on I was searching for my unique voice in the quilting world, and I think I found it.”

While attending a Farm to Quilt Exhibit, Pillus found a particular harvester to be intriguing.

“I climbed up on the machine and took some pictures. I then began thinking how I could make it into a quilt,” she said.

From that moment forward, Pillus found what she had been looking for and since then has created a number of quilts using her techniques.

“I took many classes over the years, but I developed my method of making patterns from photographs,” said Pillus.

Pillus commented that she would have some her pieces on display at the quilt show, including the “Mechanical Quilt,” the “Three Horsepower” quilt, and her “No Deere Here” tractor quilt, as well as several others.

photos-dave-womble-outsider-art-03845“Memories to Models” by Dave Womble

Recreating his memories of yesteryear, Dave Womble has crafted nearly a hundred miniature replicas of farm equipment from scraps into masterpieces.

Harvesters, tractors, excavators, and farming implements are all part of Womble’s creations; many are recreations of equipment from his childhood on the family farm.

“They are by no means to scale,” said Womble as he took one of the miniature models from a shelf. “I created each one with different scraps of materials.”

Using paint sticks, straws, springs, scraps of wood, spools, PVC pipe, random pieces of plastic, and parts from a radio and a lighter, Womble creates his models.

“I use straws to create the hydraulics, and I have used different pieces of a radio to make parts for the engines,” said Womble. “I even used pieces of a lighter for various parts and the guard from a razor blade.”

Womble’s pieces are somewhat functional. Most have working wheels and parts that move.

“I want to build all of the equipment that I worked on, or we used on our family ranch growing up,” said Womble.

The Pacific Flyway Quilters “Farm+Fabric=Family” Quilt Show is to be held Saturday, Oct. 1, at the Colusa County Fairgrounds in the Community Center building from 10 AM to 4 PM. The cost is a $5 donation. There will be raffle opportunities, vendors, and much more. For information, call (530) 458-7814 or (530) 300-6770.

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