Colusa High School holds Career and College Day

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Colusa High School hosted a career day last Wednesday for its students and gave them an opportunity to learn about the various career paths from professionals in different career professions.

From medical doctors, technology directors, pastry chefs and contractors, Colusa High School students were exposed to local presenters who gave the students an insight into their careers.

“This is a great opportunity for our children to find out about the different professions and learn what education paths need to be taken to work in that industry,” said Colusa High School, Career Tech, Gay Seaver.

Participating as a presenter was Daurice Kalfsbeek-Smith, owner of Advanced PVA Technologies, Inc. in Colusa.

It is so important for high school students to take part in career day activities as they prepare for their pathway in life,” said Kalfsbeek-Smith. “They need to invest in themselves and their education.”

Kalfsbeek-Smith commented each presenter talked about their individual paths to their current role, and explain their current careers.

“I discussed in detail the type of jobs we hire for, and the manufacturing process, and how the end product is used in the marketplace,” she said.

Kalfsbeek-Smith added she was impressed with the students and their quality of questions.

“Work experience is so fundamentally important in developing work ethic and understanding what they might want to become or discover a particular path isn’t right for them. You don’t know unless you try,” she said.

Following the career presentations, students were able to browse various on-site college representatives to discover the education path needed for their desired goal.

“We have several dozen colleges here,” said Seaver. “From local colleges to large universities. We even have the US Armed Forces represented.”

This was the fourth annual career day event held at Colusa High School.

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