County hears from hospital CEO

Progress is being made to reopen the county hospital that was shuttered in April due to financial constraints.

“I just wanted to tell everybody here in the community that we’re very excited about the opportunity of just getting the hospital open and serving the community,” said Kelley Gentry, CEO of the new Colusa Medical Center.

On his second day on the job, Gentry briefly introduced himself during the Tuesday, Dec. 13, Board of Supervisors meeting.

Supervisor Denise Carter asked Gentry to set up a public meeting in the future to help better inform the public.

“We’d love it if you could have a public meeting sometime in the very near future to announce to the community what your plans are. If you could talk to Wendy (Tyler) and set that up, I think that the community would really appreciate that,” said Carter.

Gentry agreed with Carter and said a meeting would be in the works.

“I think that’s a very good idea,” said Gentry. “We’ll work together on that. With the holidays and everything coming up, I expect that would probably be in January that we get together; but that’s kind of a good time frame for thinking about new beginnings.”

Gentry added that he hopes for a spring reopening.

“Just so you know, our rough time-frame for trying to get the hospital officially reopened, we’re aiming for spring,” he said. ”We hope to do better than that, but we are dealing with several state agencies and all the licensing, so that’s still to be answered, but that’s our target: Sometime in the spring.”

Carter added that the Board of Supervisors would do whatever they could to help with the reopening process.

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