Maxwell Elementary hosts 100th Day Fashion Show

Students at Maxwell Elementary are a hundred days smarter and on Jan. 25, students celebrated their 100th day of school with a fashion show hosted by the kindergarten through second grade students.

Kindergarten through third grade students participated in the fashion show with various themed actives including 100 things, and a 100 years.

Many of the students adorned their shirts with 100 themed items and paraded on stage for their parents, faculty, and fellow classmates.

Some of the themes included “100 days of school flew by” with a 100 feathers by Erin Dennis, “Kissing a 100 days good-bye” with 100 kisses by Ashlie Izquierdo and “Had a Ball” with 100 gumdrops by Reese Vierra.

“I was very excited and had fun with all the activities,” said Izquierdo.

Maxwell kindergärtner, Reese Cunningham said, “I wore one hundred polka dots because I love bubbles. I felt cool going on the stage.”

Third graders added to the show with their “100 year old” dress up day where students dressed to show what they might look like when they are hundred years old.

“This is our second year presenting the fashion show,” said Principle Staci DeWitt. “Last year we were surprised how many parents came to enjoy the show, and this year was just as successful.”