Report of suspicious vehicle leads to arrest of two on burglary and theft charges

Stolen property from recent Maxwell, Williams car burglaries recovered

Two Contra Costa county residents are behind bars after they were arrested in connection with a spat of recent vehicle burglaries in Colusa County.

On March 3, officers from the Williams Police Department received a report of a suspicious vehicle parked in front of a residence on the 1000-block of C Street. When they responded to check out the vehicle, they made contact with the vehicle’s occupants: Travis Allen Johnson, 32, of Antioch, and Ashley Ann Partain, 29, of Martinez. After making contact with Johnson and Partain, the responding officer learned that Johnson had a felony warrant for his arrest out of Contra Costa County, Williams Police Sgt. Daniel Mata said.

An ensuing investigation and search of the vehicle led to the discovery of burglary tools and stolen property, and revealed that the car’s registration had been falsified, Mata said.

“Officers located a lot of stolen property, both on his person and in the vehicle,” Mata said, adding that some of the stolen property had come from recent car burglaries in Maxwell and Williams.

Among the items recovered were various saws, drills, and other hand-held tools, Mata said.

In February, the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release warning residents of thieves targeting unlocked vehicles in Colusa County, and reminding residents to lock their cars. On Feb. 14, the Sheriff’s Office announced that it had received six reports of vehicle burglaries in a span of seven to 10 days, in the rural areas outside of Williams, Arbuckle, Grimes and Maxwell.

“Some of it did come out of Maxwell, from some of the car burglaries that happened there,” said Colusa County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Mark Contreras. “Those were the burglaries associated with an earlier press release from Sgt. Mike Bradwell, encouraging residents to lock their cars.”

Johnson was arrested on suspicion of falsifying registration, possession of burglary tools, receiving stolen property, and on the Contra Costa County warrant. He was booked into Colusa County jail, and is being held without bail on the warrant for violating post-release community supervision. Partain was arrested on suspicion of receiving stolen property and possession of burglary tools. Her bail was set at $5,000. Johnson is due in court to enter a plea on March 15. Partain, a former Colusa County resident who has twice been convicted of burglary in this county in 2012 and 2013, will be arraigned on March 28.

Brian Pearson
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