The “Green Rush” in Colusa continues

City Council gets presentation from Greenleaf regarding potential cannabis oil extraction facility

A Los Angeles-based medical marijuana company with local ties is eying the City of Colusa as the location for a cannabis oil extraction facility, becoming the second cannabis-related company to make a pitch to the City Council in recent months.

Brett Gaumond, spokesman for GreenLeaf Processors, told the council that his company was proposing to open their business at a building owned by Woody Yerxa at Fifth Street and Main Street. He explained that GreenLeaf was mainly focused on the extraction of cannabis oils, and not on cultivation or packaging. The facility in Colusa would not have a retail front, nor would it be used for cultivation.

“We take the recycling from the cultivators, and actually take the droppings and go through a full-spectrum extraction to remove the cannabinoids in the plant, to use it for medical devices such as suppositories, vape cartridge pens, and also the edible market,” Gaumond said.

He added that most of Greenleaf’s suppliers of recycled trim are based in Northern California – particularly in Mendocino, Humboldt, and Oroville – which was a huge benefit to the company building a facility in Colusa.

Gaumond said that his company was proposing a three-percent specialized tax for their business, whereby the City of Colusa would receive three-percent of GreenLeaf’s gross sales, which he estimated would be $10 million in Colusa this year, if the project were to be approved. If that sale figure is met, it would mean an additional $300,00 in the city’s general fund. The city would also receive money via a special property tax in the amount of $10 per sq. ft.

“We are the manufacturer. We make the oils,” Gaumond said. “We do mostly white labeling and have a few of our own brands out there… Everything will be going down to Los Angeles. Everything goes down there.”

Gaumond answered a number of questions from the public pertaining to potential odors, security at the facility, and transportation of product and waste to and from the facility.

With regards to odor, Gaumond indicated it would be minimal at the facility.

“By the time we get the droppings, the odor is pretty much already gone,” he said.

He also explained that Greenleaf was a state-licensed transporter for medical marijuana, and would go to the farms themselves to pick up cultivators’ trim and waste products. He estimated that there would be between three and four deliveries per week. Outgoing waste products would be recycled and used in other ways, such as compost, Gaumond said.

After the meeting, councilmember Tom Reische said that he was in favor of the project moving forward, full steam ahead.

“They have ties in Colusa. They have ties to the Yerxa family with the lease of the building, they have ties to (Colusa resident) Scott Vedo, and this sounds like it will be a great project for the City of Colusa. In my mind, it seems like a smooth-sailing move forward,” Reische said, adding that outside of the normal planning commission and city council meetings, he didn’t see the need for a special informational meeting, like the one that was held for the other cannabis related project in consideration for Colusa, proposed to be built at Colusa Industrial Properties by Cultivation Technologies Inc.

“It doesn’t seem like we had much opposition to the other project. In my opinion, we should roll forward with this, and if somebody says ‘Lets meet and greet,’ I’m sure the city would be happy to put it together. But if we’re not getting any sort of resistance, I don’t see the point. I would like to see us to get these guys functioning here in the near future.”

Brian Pearson
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