A message from the publisher: The printed newspaper still superior over electronic media

Being in the newspaper business, we are pressured into electronic media. Print is dead. Online is the way to go. But what happens when something happens to the electronic media? After all it can be quickly deleted – yes, even without trace. Electronic media too can be easily manipulated.

I could get into many factors that support my angst with electronic media; however I will digress. After all, this is not the purpose of my column.

Last Friday I was received a message from a reader letting me know my website was down. Quickly assessing the problem, I discovered that the web server was not responding. I took to the Internet to obtain support from my hosting company and they too were unreachable.

Yahoo News said there was an attack spreading and without much reading I figured it was the standard DDoS attack and in a few hours everything will be back up.

Later that evening the website was still down, the hosting website was still down. Time to pick-up the phone… I have no telephone number for the web host.

I soon discovered that this website hosting company had went dark. Telephone number no longer worked. Email bounced back. Twitter ‘support’ was quiet. After 24 hours, I had the feeling this was a fly by night company who promised the world but took the money and ran.

From about 8 AM, Friday May 12, to about 9 PM on Sunday, May 14 our website was down.

On Saturday, I contracted a reputable company and brought our website back on-line. Several hours later, a month old back-up file gave our site hope.

By the time this paper is published, I hope to have our website updated with current content.

This has been frustrating, and I feel a little duped as I am good at finding reputable companies. I have submitted my claim to PayPal in hopes to get some resolution to this issue.

Could the company be a victim of the recent ransomeware; it is possible. But I highly doubt that this would prevent them from answering their phones, responding to support requests, and removing all data from their domain name.

You know what’s great about a printed newspaper? When a website hosting company goes dark, you can still read your printed newspaper.

Onwards and upwards.

Is the Owner, Publisher, Editor, and Reporter of the Williams Pioneer Review. Committed to publishing the news of our Community, Lloyd has been the owner of the Williams Pioneer Review since 2010. To contact Lloyd about this article or future articles, please email him at lloyd@colusacountynews.net