Life as I see It (06/07/2017)

As you get older, the tension and stress tends to build in your spirit and in your physical body and you find yourself meeting challenges. This week has toned up some muscles for sure.

We’ve had a week of hard work; moving furniture, getting the boat in the water.

Thank God for friend Leigh. She whipped that boat trailer around in nothing flat and got the boat in the water. Funny how some things just come easy to some folks.

We got a lot accomplished this week though. We even (I should say Tom) identified a mysterious smell we kept smelling at the house. Bless his heart, Tom crawled under the house to investigate. Yep!  A very dead, very smelly opossum had met its demise under there. Thus the smell is gone and life goes on. After being on my own for so long, I have to admit it is nice to have a man around the house. I would have never said that even two years ago. Things change.

The Colusa County Fair starts this week. I’m looking forward to attending and enjoying it. This is the first time in many years I have not been actively (and physically) taking part in the Fair. Instead, this year we will go and enjoy.  That will be a whole new concept to me. I think I might just enjoy it.

Plus, the weather looks to be pleasant and not the usual hot fair time weather.

The Colusa Farmers Market is up and running for the season.  I always look forward to the fresh veggies and fruit we can get there. Just as in past years, Premier Mushrooms Inc. is donating mushrooms for sale at the market. All proceeds go to a grant fund for Colusa County non-profits. I’m pleased to have been associated with Premier for these past 11 years. They are a fine company and have great owners/staff. I especially like the way they give back to our community.

I think that is how businesses should be run.

I learned many years ago from my friend Judy that the key to running a good business is to give back.  Judy had a mercantile store. Many times I saw her give blankets, warm clothes, etc. to families in need.

I’ve tried to pattern my business on that philosophy and it has worked. It never hurts us to give of ourselves. It blesses us.

Take time today to ask God to bring someone to you that you may help. You’ll be amazed at the opportunities that come your way. Its a good thing.

Life is good today.

— Kathy Craigo-Harteis is a publicist, speaker, and life coach. She owns Kathy Craigo Media Consulting in Colusa. Contact Kathy Craigo-Harteis at

Kathy Craigo is a publicist, speaker, and life coach. She owns Kathy Craigo Media Consulting in Colusa. Contact Kathy Craigo at