Weightlifting competition at the Fair

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It started as his senior project, but Sam Stocks is hoping that the Colusa RedHawks Weightlifting Competition, which was held for the first time at the Colusa County Fair on Thursday, becomes a recurring event there.

“(Colusa football head coach) Ron Calcagno would like to make this an annual event,” Stocks said at the conclusion of the fair. “I think the weightlifting was a pretty good success in its first year.”

A field of nine student lifters competed in the contest, which was divided by age and gender. The competition included two lifts: bench press and deadlift. Eight of the students who competed on Thursday were from Colusa, and one from Winters.

“I really wanted to do this as my senior project because I’m really into the weights and everything, getting ready for football. I think it’s a good way to set the mark for other athletes, especially if other football teams are there. They see what other guys can do and they start working harder. It sets the bar so everyone can see where they’re at,” Stocks said.

The lone out-of-town competitor, Anthony Cejas, took first place in his division (Boys Ages 17-18) in both the bench press and dead lift portion of the competition. Cejas put up 285 lbs. on the bench and 485 lbs. on the deadlift.

Brendan Garcia took first place in bench press for his division (Boys Ages 15-16), putting up 240 lbs. Shane Calcagno – Ron Calcagno’s son – was tops in the deadlift in the Boys Ages 15-16 division, with a lift of 370 lbs.

Colusa High’s Claudia Casorla, who will be a junior next year, was the lone female competitor in Thursday’s event.

While it’s easy to get wrapped up in who “won” the competition, Stocks said that wasn’t what the event was about.

“I was happy with everyone who came out and tried to beat their personal record. It’s not about winning the competition, but getting a new personal record,” he said.

Stocks was a little disappointed by the number of competitors and the lack of participation from schools other than Colusa. Other than Winters’ Cejas, who Stocks became friends with through track, the event was all RedHawks.

“I invited a whole bunch of schools, too. East Nicolaus, Winters, Yuba City, River Valley, Sutter, and all of the county schools,” Stocks said. “It was probably too short notice. If I did it again, I would probably get the word out a lot faster and talk to the coaches personally. I think that it would have been nice to have a few more guys show up there, and especially to have a little more variety from around the county.”

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