Kittle’s donates electric bikes to Colusa Police Department

Pictured (L-to-R) Colusa Police Sgt. Eldon Tamez, Chief Josh Fitch, Pat Kittle owner of Kittle’s Outdoor, and Colusa Police Officer Benny
Beecham accept the donation of two electric powered bikes from Kittles Outdoor.

The Colusa Police Department added a couple of new vehicles to their fleet, thanks to the donation of a local businessman.

Kittle’s Outdoor & Sport owner Pat Kittle and a friend purchased a pair of electric bicycles for the department with each costing about $1,400.

“It was a brainstorm that a buddy and I had, because we ride our bikes in the morning a couple times a week, and we just noticed how much you can see and hear, and just observe when you’re on a bike,” Kittle said. “I asked Josh if that was something he though his department might be interested in, and he said yeah. I just happened to be at the same time working with a bike company called Rambo Bikes. Their sales rep brought a sample to the store. I got to ride it for a week, and it was a pretty neat piece of equipment.”

While Kittle was sampling the bicycle, he brought it by the Colusa Police Department and asked Chief Josh Fitch whether any of his officers wanted to test it.

“He said, ‘Hell, I’ll try it.’” Kittle said. “He was impressed. I said I wanted to find a way to donate this to you guys, but I don’t want to see the bikes just sitting in the closet or the rafters. He said he’d have a meeting and ask his crew. When they did meet, they were excited about it,” Kittle said.

Initially, Kittle had planned on buying the department one of Rambo Bikes’ cheaper models, but the company was so far back-ordered that they offered another solution: a beefed up bike for a discounted price.

“The company said: ‘Let’s do this – we’ll throw in a bunch of free goods, and bring the price down on the next model up that we have in stock,” Kittle said.

Fitch said that the new bikes offer  the department a new function for patrol, allowing his officers to get places they can’t easily reach in a car, from patrolling the state park to events at the fairgrounds or other events across the city. Kittle was initially going to order one of

“Pat is extremely generous, and he gave us a whole other fact to patrolling the city. The greatest part of it came unsolicited to us,” Fitch said. “Pat has always been a big supporter of our department and of law enforcement in general.”

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