Mini Miss Colusa County: Alexis Avera

For Mini Miss Colusa County, Alexis Avera, being a role model and a good citizen is a top priority.

“I wanted to become Mini Miss Colusa County because I wanted to be a role model just like the other Mini Misses,” said Avera.

Avera was awarded the crown of Mini Miss Colusa County 2017 during the Colusa County Fair; a title she was excited to receive.

While competing for the crown, Avera sang ‘Hallelujah’ and wowed the judges with her spirit, citizenship, and talent.

“I thought I would have to overcome my stage fright,” said Avera. “I just had this fear that I was going to forget the words of the song. So I picked a song that I knew and sang it.”

Avera has been singing since she was a baby.

“I would hum along to songs when I was a baby, and as I got older, I started to sing along,” said Avera.

The Mini Miss competition wasn’t the first time Avera has performed for a crowd.

“I have sung during school events,” said Avera. “I have sung the national anthem at many events.”

While Avera enjoyed showing off her singing abilities she was proud to have made a few friends.

“My favorite part of the competition was meeting all of the girls,” said Avera. “It was a lot of fun.”

After receiving her crown, Avera has been busy attending local events, representing Colusa County at surrounding county fairs, and attending the state fair.

“This was my first time at the state fair,” said Avera. “My feet hurt from all the walking, but I had a lot of fun.”

Avera commented that she enjoyed the dinosaur exhibit, learning about art and watching a hypnotist.

“I learned that art doesn’t have to be any particular thing. Art can just be a line on a piece of paper, and it still can be cool,” said Avera. “I also learned about a new type of dinosaur. That was a lot of fun.”

When not wearing her crown and glittered sash, she wears the green sash of the Girl Scouts of America.

“I am very active in Girl Scouts,” said Avera who will be earning her silver award over the summer.

“Alexis and eight other troop members will each be sewing over 40 pillows and donate them to the Kaiser Hospital for breast cancer patients,” said Avera’s grandmother, Debbie Schantz. “When they complete the project the girl scouts will hand deliver them.”

Avera is always looking for things to do to increase her citizenship and community service. She is proudly CPR Certified and a Certified Babysitter.

“I do lots of community service,” said Avera. “I enjoy helping people.”

With school starting in just a few days, Avera said she is looking forward to serving at the 2017 Mini Miss Colusa County and, most importantly, looking forward to school.

“I am looking forward to math class, leadership, and playing for the volleyball team,” said Avera. “I don’t know what this year will bring, but I am ready.”

Avera will be attending Egling Middle School where she is entering the seventh grade.

For fun, Avera enjoys hanging out with her best friend Brooklyn Bradbury and playing sports. Earlier in the summer, Avera played on the Colusa Area Little League All Stars.

“I love playing Minecraft,” said Avera. “I also enjoy playing volleyball, softball, basketball, and football. I have played tennis with my dad, but I am not very good at it.”

As Avera prepares for the year ahead, she is excited about next year’s fair.

“I am looking forward to getting on the stage and performing and showing my talent,” said Avera.

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