It’s Your Colusa County: David Keeler

Living in small mountain atmosphere isn’t for everyone, but David Keeler, a 15-year resident of Stonyford, wouldn’t change his surroundings for anything.

“I like Stonyford because it’s quiet and peaceful,” said Keeler. “I moved here in 2002 from the Bay Area. Everything in the Bay is just go, go, go. Here it’s laid back, take your time and the only reason you hear sirens is because of a medical not because of the police.”

Keeler joined the job corps a year after he graduated in 1987.

“I have 10 years of wildland fire fighting experience with two different hot shot crews. I currently volunteer for the Indian Valley Fire Department and have been for the last eight years,” said Keeler.

When not battling wildfires, Keeler works as a mechanic and farmer and loves spending time with his family. He also enjoys riding his motorcycle, four wheeling, and camping.

Keeler is the father of two daughters and a son.

He shared this advice: “Youngsters, respect your parents and wave to everyone because you never know who’s going to be your boss!”

Keeler’s favorite town event is the Stonyford Pig Feed.