It’s Your Colusa County: Jamie Trotter

Jamie Trotter is an 8-year resident of Colusa County. Born in the Bay Area and raised in Lake County, she moved to Colusa in 2009 with her husband and two sons.

“We came to Colusa because we fell in love with the Colusa Theater. It sounds like a very romantic sort of thing, but it is true,” she said. “My husband traveled through Colusa going to and from Medic School in Oroville. One day he said ‘Hey we should see a movie at the theater there. It is an old school theater with the neon and everything’ so I said okay, and the rest if history. We moved to Colusa within a year.”

Trotter is a Business Workforce Specialist working for the Department of Welfare through a partnership with the Sutter County One Stop.

“Simply put, I help people that do not have jobs, find and keep employment,” said Trotter.

Trotter has many interests and hobbies but what she enjoys the most is watching sports and traveling.

“I like to watch games both in person and on television,” she said. “I love to travel. My family and I love going to the beach, Disneyland or wherever our hearts take us.”

Colusa County has a variety of events that Trotter likes to attend, but there are a few that she enjoys the most.

“My favorite events are the Colusa Farmers Market, the Concert in the Park series and Christmas Tyme in Colusa,” she said.

There is so much that Trotter loves about living in Colusa, but it is the small-town feeling that she loves the most.

“I love that you can walk around at night and it is relatively safe. I love my neighborhood and my neighbors,” she said. “I love that my children grew up here and that they call this their home. I love that people genuinely care about their town, the people in it and they watch out for one another.”