It’s Your Colusa County: Sampson the turtle

Sampson, a 13-year-old an African Sulcata Desert Tortoise, has lived in Williams since he was a week old.

Since his arrival, Sampson has become well known in his neighborhood and very familiar to the Williams Police Department.

“He has escaped twice and both times the cops were called,” said Sampson’s owner, Esther Garcia. “He was found two blocks away from our home.”

Sampson loves human attention and can be a very nosy pet.

“Whenever we have guests over, he has to be right next to us,” said Garcia.

Weighing approximately 70 pounds, Samspon has a healthy appetite.

He eats no meat but consumes a head of lettuce a day and loves fruits and vegetables, Garcia said.

The Garcia family has portioned off nearly half of their backyard just for their gentle giant.

Sampson loves pushing around balls and likes to rearrange the backyard furniture from time to time. And on a hot summer day Sampson can be found lying under the sprinklers. During the winter, he hibernates.

“Sampson will outlive us,” said Garcia. “According to research, he will live well over 100 years. He takes a lot of care, but he is well worth it. He is a part of our family and he definitely knows it.”