Grand Island mural receives fresh paint

The Grand Island Elementary School’s mural received a fresh coat of paint, last week.

‘The colors of our world’ was originally painted by Lynn Moore-Kerr in 1992,

“Back in 1992, I worked with the Pierce School District during summer school and the theme was to paint items they see in their everyday world,” said Moore-Kerr.

Moore-Kerr gathered up a few older students and they began to paint the mural that includes a scenescape of Grimes, various crops, and farm equipment from a child’s perspective.

“It was a lot of fun back then,” said Moore-Kerr.

After 25 years, Moore-Kerr was contacted by the Elementary Principal, Blake Kitchen who expressed concern with the mural’s decay.

“I was contacted by Blake and he said that the mural was fading and was in desperate need of a refresh and asked if I would come back,” said Moore-Kerr. “I said, I would absolutely love to.”

For Moore-Kerr, the mural was more than just a piece of art but something she could give back to her community.

“I grew up in Grimes and went to Grimes Elementary up till the 8th Grade,” said Moore-Kerr. “My mom was an artist and I studied art in college. It was a fun project.”

More-Kerr’s daughter, Nicole, and hand full of students helped refresh the mural.

“The kids did a great job,” said Moore-Kerr. 

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