It’s Your Colusa County: Ashleigh Ehrke

Ashleigh Ehrke, 19, is a life long resident of Arbuckle.

“I have lived in Arbuckle all my life, said Ehrke. “I Attended elementary through high school here.”

Currently a student at Oregon State University, Ehrke is studying animal reproduction, applied genetics and management. In addition to being a full time student, Ehrke volunteers for the Department of Fish and Wildlife as a wilderness first responder in Oregon.

Ehrke started her career in animal science through 4-H and FFA.

“I love working with livestock, riding horses, welding, forging, leatherwork and anything outdoors,” said Ehrke.

Ehrke was the 2016 Supreme Champion Sheep recipient at the Colusa County Fair.

Being successful in livestock showmanship isn’t the only talent she learned through 4-H. She is also a talented welder.

“I learned how to weld with Ms. Rohde in the fourth grade during her 4-H welding group,” said Ehrke. “I started out MIG welding with simple projects.”

Recently, Ehrke completed a metal sign for the reception area at Sun Valley Rice.

Ehrke’s welding projects and involvement with the 4-H and FFA organizations are just two of her achievements. She is also an active volunteer for the Arbuckle pumpkin festival, car show and carnitas cook off.

“I love Arbuckle because we are a close knit community that support one another, wherever you go,” said Ehrke..