Life, as I see it (10/25/2017)

This week, the plan is to work diligently on cleaning out my parents’ home. We’ve let this go for a while now. Maybe it was time constraints. Maybe it was that we couldn’t let go.

Which ever the reason; now is the timeWhichever

use in Grimes, CA is by no means a fancy, upscale house. But within its walls is treasure nonetheless. Oh, not monetary treasure, but heartfelt treasure.

There are memories of parents who loved us unconditionally. You need only look at the kitchen table and you can visualize sitting there for “coffee hour” with Mother and Daddy at the end of Daddy’s work day. That was where we learned at an early age to like coffee, my sister Ann and I.

It was a time to visit. We told the folks about our days. That was a good time to make our pitch for a little extra cash or get the approval for weekend plans. Bottom-line is it was time. It was time well spent with our parents, and they with us.

There was a bond developing then and it lasted into the later days. We saw our parents enjoy life together. We saw them as they grew older, and we saw them as their health began to fail. But, mostly we saw how they loved each other.

They were together for 70 plus years. They loved each other as much when they parted as they had when they were a teenaged couple.

Not a lot of people can lay claim to that devotion and love that lasts a lifetime and beyond.

My parents could.

As we clean the home, I’m sure we will grumble about the mess, and look in amazement at the things we have to sort through. Our parents did not believe in waste, therefore they saved EVERYTHING.

They were products of the depression and in those times you cherished every thing you had.

We tend to live in a throw away world today.

Now with the devastation of the fires and the tragedy of loss many are facing in California and disasters hitting other parts of the world, I suspect the value of the simplest of things has changed.

I was at a meeting last week and listened as a friend from Loma Rica, Ca spoke about the loss in his neighborhood. He had lost four neighbors on his road, many homes were gone.

His home still stood, but he had lost outbuildings and equipment.

He shared that he had agreed to do a few television newscasts not because he liked doing it, but because he wanted people not to forget about Loma Rica.

There are far bigger fires in California these days, but the loss is great in the small community of Loma Rica.

He was hoping people wouldn’t forget any of these communities.

Whether here in California, or wherever you see a need, it is time for all of us to look deep into our hearts and find how we can best help, where we can help.

My parents lived a lifetime helping others. It is a good example to follow.

Life is good today.

— Kathy Craigo-Harteis is a publicist, speaker, and life coach living in Lake County. Contact Kathy Craigo-Harteis at

Kathy Craigo is a publicist, speaker, and life coach. She owns Kathy Craigo Media Consulting in Colusa. Contact Kathy Craigo at