Williams revives bed races

For what the inaugural “Northern California Bed Racing Championships” in Williams lacked in numbers of competitors, it made up for with the strength of the competition.

After two teams dropped out of the competition late, only four showed up to compete at Saturday’s event. That meant that each team had to run two races in a head-to-head, double round robin format.

When all was said and done, there was a three-way tie at the top of the table.

“What ended up happening was that the Williams Fire Team team beat the ‘Money’ Team in the last heat to force a three-way tie for first place,” said Williams Parks and Recreation Director Ben Padilla. “So we had to have the three teams race in one last heat.”

It was the Money Team, composed of Colusa County residents Gerardo Ruiz, Eric Sanchez, Gonzalo Hernandez, and Salvador Lara, that came out on top.

Because the bed races were held so close to Halloween, it was only natural that there was also an award for the best costumes. That honor went to the Exorcist Team, which had Jesse Velazquez, Abraham Velazquez, Jose Velazquez, and Tony Barajas dressed up as priests, pushing Emma Velazquez – who was, of course, dressed up as the girl from the Exorcist.
The event also had an open “City Division,” where the City of Williams provided two beds for anyone who wanted to race, but Padilla said there weren’t any takers.

Despite other events going around across the county on Saturday, including the Arbuckle Car Show, Padilla said the Northern California Bed Racing Championships drew quite a crowd.

“I didn’t expect a huge crowd, but I’d bet there was between 250 and 300 people out there cheering them on,” Padilla said. “For being the first year, I thought we had a good turnout, and a really good time. We’ll be doing it again next year around the same time. We’re going to try to have a Halloween Parade beforehand, and maybe involve the school’s Trunk or Treat event, too.”

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