What’s your plan? (11/08/2017)

Scott Arens | for the Pioneer Review

Things will read a tad bit different today, and that is because I will not be sharing information specific to a College Planning topic. But, I will be giving a quick and dirty checklist for the college application process. My first point is ( ) Have student in high school and invested (this is a discussion all in itself). The following is from collegeboard.org and it might be familiar to you from one of our past article and pertains to all things SAT.

( ) Make a note of the regular application deadline;

( ) Make a note of the early application deadline;

( ) Request high school transcript sent;

( ) Request midyear grade report sent;

( ) Find out if an admission test is required;

( ) Take an admission test, if required;

( ) Take other required or recommended tests;

( ) Send admission-test scores;

( ) Send other test scores;

( ) Request recommendation letters;

( ) Send thank-you notes to recommendation writers;

( ) Draft initial essay;

( ) Proofread essay for spelling and grammar;

( ) Have two people read your essay;

( ) Revise your essay;

( ) Proofread your revision;

( ) Interview at college campus;

( ) Have an alumni interview;

( ) Submit FAFSA;

( ) Submit PROFILE, if needed;

( ) Make a note of the priority financial aid deadline;

( ) Make a note of the regular financial aid deadline;

( ) Complete college application;

( ) Make copies of all application materials;

( ) Pay application fee;

( ) Sign and send application;

( ) Submit college aid form, if needed;

( ) Submit state aid form, if needed;

( ) Confirm receipt of application materials;

( ) Send additional material, if needed;

( ) Tell school counselor that you applied;

( ) Receive letter from office of admission;

( ) Receive financial aid award letter;

( ) Meet deadline to accept admission and send deposit;

( ) Accept financial aid offer;

( ) Notify the colleges you will not attend.

If it isn’t written down, checked off, and completed timely, it is overwhelming and possibly a nightmare. We will continue this in the next installment. Thank you! If you have comments, suggestions, and/or questions please email me at Scott@ArensCP.com.

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