It’s Your Colusa County Madden Rund

Ten-year-old Colusa resident Madden Rund is no stranger around town.

“I love living in Colusa because of all the friendly people. They are easy to get along with. Kittle’s employees are so nice to answer my questions and Jack Pot employees are always asking if I am doing well in school and reminding me not to eat too many Takis and to share,” said Rund.

A fifth grade student at Eggling Middle School, Rund enjoys hanging out with friends and riding bikes.

“I like helping neighbors with yard work for spending cash,” Rund stated.

Rund’s favorite Colusa County events are the Farmers Market and Duck Calling Competition.

He also dedicated his summer to volunteer at the Colusa Farmers Market. Last Thursday, the Chamber of Commerce recognized his efforts.

“I worked/volunteered all summer long at the Colusa Farmers market helping to sell mushrooms, corn, and eggs,” said Rund. “I really enjoyed helping the customers and talking with them.”

Rund was excited about his recognition and stated the following when asked about how he felt, “I feel great! It was unexpected. My first thought was ‘take that Miranda Sings.’”